He stopped the movement of Sun

untitled1by Bhakti Vichar Vishnu Maharaja

Once few Sannyasis visited his house, late afternoon.

He invited them, honored them and gave them space to rest. Later, he offered them the food.

The Sannyasis said that they do not eat after Sun-set. And it is the time for the Sun to set.

He looked outside the window towards setting-Sun and then requested the Sannyasis to wait. He went outside the house and climbed the Lemon tree.

Once on the top of the tree, he used his Yogic energy to stop the movement of the Sun thereby preventing the Sun to set.

He returned and told his guests that they may have their meals, as Sun wont set till they have finished their meals.

Since that day He is known as Nimb-aditya or Nimb-ark Acharya.

Sanskrit of Lemon is ‘Nimb’. Sun is also known as ‘Aditya’ or ‘Ark’. Combining these two we get the words Nimbaditya or Nimbarkacharya.

He later on became the Acharya of one of the four Authentic Vaishnav Sampradayas. He was Acharya of Kumar Sampraday.

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