Brahma Kund to witness Sanjhi festival after 125 years


The Brahma Kund is to witness the Sanjhi festival after 125 years. The Sanjhi fest will be organized by the Braj Foundation from 5th October to 12th October with the support from Braj Sanskriti Shodh Sansthan. The different pastimes of Vraja will be exhibited through the Sanjhi Art.

According to Shri Vineet Narain, president of the Braj Foundation the Sanjhi festival used to be organized at the Brahma Kund 125 years back, during Pitri paksha (16 days lunar period). But the culture was forgotten as the Brahma Kund itself fell into ruin due to neglect. The Braj Foundation restored the Kund in 2009. Now in a bid to preserve the Sanjhi culture, the Braj Foundation has decided to organize the ‘Sanhi Mela’ in Brahma Kund. The Sanjhi art will be exhibited between 5 -8 p.m at the Brahma Kund. The artists will exhibit their art during the event. They will be felicitated in the end of the Mela. Shri Vineet Narain added, “The Sanjhi festival at Brahma Kund is also mentioned in F.S. Growse’s book Mathura, a district memoir.”

Shri Laxmi Narayan Tiwari, the secretary of the Braj Sanskriti Shodh Sansthan said that the manuscripts related to the Sanjhi Art will also be displayed during the event. Sanjhi is an important culture of Vraja. This art is exhibited in some temples of Vrindavan.

It is believed that the tradition of Sanjhi began during the times of Shri Krishna. Radha Rani along with her friends would draw the sanjhi with flowers on the way of Krishna at dusk, when he returned with the cowherd after grazing them. Since the Sanjhi was made at the time of dusk (sanjh in Vraja language means dusk), it was known as Sanjhi.

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