6000 year old Lord Rama and Hanuman carvings in Silemania, Iraq



One of the major triumphs of modern archaeology was the hair-raising discoveries of Sir Leonard Woolley at Ur. Amidst the ruins of Ur, he unearthed a Ram-chapel but totally missed its relevance in world history. This crucial finding not only bridges the wide gaps between Indian tradition and archaeology but also unfolds the historic bonds that once united ancient India, Iran and Sumer. Ram-Sin of (Larsa) to whose memory this chapel was dedicated must have been Rama of Valmiki. The name Ararama of Larsa may be an echo of Rama. This Ram-Chapel of Ur is the earliest known memorial to the great Rama and may have been erected by Dilmun merchants who resided nearby. Dilmun was always mentioned in the Sumerian texts together with Magan and Melukkha and it is possible that these three states were somehow allied to each other.


The Cambridge Ancient History[xvi][iii] which is usually not considered as a sourcebook for Indian history by writers like Romila Thapar contains priceless information relevant to Indian ancient history. In the highly authentic Sumerian king list appears such hallowed names as Bharat (Warad) Sin and Ram Sin. As Sin was the Moon god Chandra Ram Sin can be seen to be same as Rama Chandra. Bharat Sin ruled for 12 years (1834-1822 BC), exactly as stated in the Dasaratha Jataka. The Jataka statement, “Years sixty times hundred, and ten thousand more, all told, / Reigned strong-armed Rama”, only means that Rama reigned for sixty years which agrees exactly with the data of Assyriologists. Ram Sin was the longest reigning monarch of Mesopotamia who ruled for 60 years. The mention of the father in the inscriptions of both Warad Sin and Ram Sin is noteworthy and may point to a palace intrigue. Joan Oates is not aware of the Ramayana but writes with great insight (p. 61) that Warad sin was manoeuvred to the throne by his father. In Mesopotamia, a prince normally became king only after the death of his father. Lakshmana, mentioned the Bible as Lakhamar, ruled as a great king.

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  1. Excellent piece of information. The jig saw seems to be coming together. There was one Mr PN Oak who propounded the theory of Hindu nation that expanded from Europe to east Asia. He gave several proofs in his books (which were banned to appease the Muslim lot in India). Now with science and technology we can ascertain the age of these findings and reconstruct the past. Many thanks.

      • There was a Sanathana Dharmic nation. It was based on the Rajya/ Kosha, and Thande of states.

        It is quite a backward shame to find ”Indians” (there should be no such thing as an Indian) believing that their nation is ”new” when it is very old and ancient.

        Shirish Bhosle. It is suggested that you read the truth of untampered Indian history.

        There was a nation. It was called Akhand Bharath (a nation).

        Also note what the concept of NATION is. You’ll feel quite discomforted to find that Bharath certainly was a nation.

        A Sanathana Dharmic nation state.

        • Akhand Bharat it is! Mr.Bhosle seems to be offended with the idea of Hindu. Yes, vedic religion it is. But the larger point is it was Akhand Bharat.

      • I think u have very critically low level of knowledge. Vedic culture/knowledge/religion/customs/ crucially related to Hinduism . Once upon a time there was no religion/culture other than Vedic culture/ religion which flourished all over the world which now persist as a Hinduism in india. Today or tomorrow world Will accept this very truth and will surrender lotus feet of Hinduism.

        • I agree with you! Slight modification!
          Long back, in the Hindu Newspaper, there was a mention-remains of a Hindu Temple, as they were doing excavations somewhere in present Iraq!
          Veda means Knowledge; What we now a days refer to as Vedas is only a part of the ‘ORIGINAL’ Vedas! That ‘ORIGINAL’ Vedas were very rich; they must have been stressing ‘YOGA’, the science of reading / seeing / hearing / creating….. the past, the future etc. by concentrating and controlling the body and the mind!
          In the past, some people-referred to as RISHIS- could practice that type of YOGA because diversions to the mind were practically nil; the story of Vasishta and Visvamitra more or less explains this aspect of YOGA, otherwise referred to as THAPAS or Penance!
          As Times or Kala or Periods moved, too many diversions to the Rishis in the practice of Yoga! People longed to get all the material comforts and more easily; thus YOGA of ‘THAT’ type and the bulk of the Vedas too more or less disappeared; what we now possess is a small quantity of that ‘ORIGINAL’ Vedas; with this small quantity of the ‘ORIGINAL’ Veda, in the present days of too many diversions to the mind, we are unable to read / see / hear / create …… as the Rishis could do earlier! The modern days’ Science and Technology- which is also a derivative of Vedas- offers ” most of the material comforts ” to almost all the people, without much individual efforts to train the mind! Thus, it has become a fashion to refer to the Vedas as ” SUPERSTITIONS or IRRATIONAL Beliefs “!!

          Many Hindus hold that GOD creates with the help of the Vedas and that Vedas have been existing even before GOD! In the light of the above, I am afraid that what ever GOD does is Vedic only; He does not need Veda of the present and as we understand!

    • Yes He wrote many books including one titled “World Vedic Heritage”in which he propounded this principle that original civilization world over was Vedic Sanatan Dharma.

    • We are currently in Kaliyuga at about 5000 years since it began. Total Kaliyuga is 432000 earth years. Before Kaliyuga was Dwaparayuga comprising 864000 earth years. Mahabharatha occurred at the end of Deaparayuga that is 5000 years back. Now prior to Deaparayuga was Treta Yuga which is 1296000 earth years. Now Ramayana as per Ramayana it self happened at the end of Treta Yuga. Means Lord Rama lived about 5000(of Kaliyuga)+864000( of entire Dwaparayuga)=869000 earth years ago latest possible. Now these guys are talking about just few thousands of years and that’s gross nonsense. And Mythology isstudy of Myth. Here Ramayana is history. So it’s Factology and not Mythology.

    • Nonsense. Dont prescribe to fake chrishitian created history. This is chrishitian conspiracy to destroy Indhuism in India

  2. The idea of a single lineage of kings, descendants of the Sun God, finds itself in the mythologies of many ancient cultures. This furthers the historic significance of this common theme. As the Perfect Being, Rama could have easily served as role model and deity for many ancient cultures.

    Another commonly held view is the possible link of Tamil and Sumerian peoples and culture. Iramanai, the Tamil name for Rama, and his story is quite significant in Bronze Age Tamil thought. Further evidence of Pan-Vedic civilization which once, like Christianity today, held influence over much of the world.

  3. In the south west of Armenia (Europe) Mitaani empire existed in the second millenium BCE which was ruled by kings namely Tussarath( Dashrath ), Basatha( Vasishtha ), Shattivajja, Artatma, Partatma, Vartarna, Shuddharna, Suastatar. It has been proved by scholars that all these kings rewe of Indic origin. They ruled over hitties( local people ) and were in constant conflict with neighbouring asur empire ( Assyria- north west Iraq ). These facts are mentioned in Amarna letters ( Containing exchanges between Ezyptian Pharaos and Akkadians, Assyrians, Mitaanis etc.) found at Tel Amarna in Ezypt. Problem with our historians like Prof. R.S.Sharma, Romila Thapar, D.N.Jha and others of their ilk is that they were more busy in finding the traces of Karl Marx in ancient civilizations instead of finding the truth. Glorification of ancient India was an anathema to the communists as it boosted the morale of nationalists.

    • We can promote more realistic historians and archaeologists than Romila Thapars who suffer from a purposeful colonial hangover.

  4. Its great information and looks logical as well. May be we can see more proof very soon and stop hating सनातन dharma and peace.

  5. Didn’t understand the point that Bharat sin ruled in 1834 BC. THEN , how can be these inscriptions 6000 years ago ? Dates are away by about 2200 years.

  6. Are you sure you are not misinterpreting Mesopotamian/Sumerian/Akkadian carvings of their own deities to be of Ram and Hanuman??

    Because doing a google search of these images does not give an AUTHENTIC archaelogical source…. just blogspam and unverifiable claims.

    I highly doubt its Lord Ram or Lord Hanuman.

    • There is no doubt that these are the carvings of Lord Ram and Hanuman on knees. But not sure of the place. If correct, it goes to prove that Hinduism prevailed far and wide in Asia.

      • Very true! I was telling this to my relatives that India was the whole entire land of Afghanistan, China, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Serbia, Italy, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Greece, Germany, etc. were all Indians land. If we owned an Ocean, what that tells u that the land was like a Continent, not only India. That is why they hated us so much bcz they robbed and jealous us of our wealth. No other nation is hated like us, bcz they knew that what they hve will be surfaced to rightfulness of truth. Wait watch and see. Hansbanee Mahato

        • Yeah, true, Pandavas was ruled the entire world, even parkishit Maharaj was sovereign of the world. We are one.
          The whole motive of Vedic culture to escape the cycle of birth, death, disease, old age.

    • M Ali Khan..what more could have expected of you. If you are not aware google information is not considered authentic always. Besides do you agree to the fact that at least muslim religion did not exist 6000 years ago.

  7. Unfortunately a good objective start to logical outcomes appears clouded by subjective “cultural religious & nationalistic” views. Much of the above comments seem to be driven by superficiality bounded by semantics rather than by reason scientific investigation and outcome.
    As a person of Indian descent, I perhaps would like for everything to be drawn from “Vedic/Hindu” origins, but that would be unrealistic and counter productive to seeking the truth and catering only to my most base egocentric needs!. Is it so hard for some to accept that what is known today as the Indian Epics (Ramayana et al), started somewhere else and that Proto Indians (or Proto anything for that matter) brought these stories with them as they traveled – along the way using their current geographical locations & experiences as overlays to their old memories/stories? Indeed Indians should be proud they, and seemingly they alone, have preserved these ancient stories of their long lost past, whilst in their original ‘home land(s)’ they have long been supplanted by more recent stories, most seemingly given to Dogma then anything. I think the biggest problem that faces Vedic/Hindu/Mesopotamian/ Central Asian history is compartmentalizing them as being separate from each other and overtly trying to keep them separate. Perhaps we should be taking a leaf out of cosmological research, where ‘winding back the clock’ results in the Universe ‘beginning’ with a singularity! Perhaps if we examine history in this way, it may lead us to where the various humanity sprang from, because doing it the way we’re doing it now, does not lend itself to true scientific conclusions. In cosmology terms, historical research appears to be very much stuck in the Middle Ages with ‘cultural/religious/nationalistic’ fervor battling and distracting us from the science; ‘observational/research/testing/logical debate/conclusion’ & if need be a combination of these constructs!
    As a point of reference, I think a good place to start is to data mine and analyse texts from antiquity particularly information that speak about the various peoples and where they record they came from; nine times out of ten, they will speak about the stories they brought with them – much of it so called ‘professionals’ will discount as ‘myth’, but in reality there is no thing as ‘myth’. All of it has some truth entwined. Some special people (an historical Einstein perhaps), will bring us the answer(s)!

  8. Thanks for giving such information that Ramayana was depicted in the arts of Iraq befOre 6000 years

  9. While I can agree that these are depictions from Ramayana , please be more accurate in stating chronology. It should have been 2015 + 1834 = Roughly 4000 years old. Another point is , there may have been Sumerian , Mesopotamian Kings with names like Rama , Bharata , Lakhmar , that does not mean it was reference to original Ramayana. The Original Ramayana took place at the end of the Treta Yuga of 24th MahaYuga & we are 5121 st Year of Kali Yuga of 28th MahaYuga . It must be 4×43,20,000 + {2018 + 3102 } + 8,64,000 + 60,000 = 1,82,09,120 years before present time. We may say Ramayana took place Eighteen million Years before present times.

  10. The Jataka statement, “Years sixty times hundred, and ten thousand more, all told, / Reigned strong-armed Rama”, only means that Rama reigned for sixty years which agrees exactly with the data of Assyriologists.
    My comment :–. How can you say 16,000 years as 60 years.

  11. The exact location in present Iraq should have been mentioned so that any scholar can go to study this temple. The image of Ram and Hanuman seem crude. There are some rectangles next to Hanuman which bear some letterings. What do they say, should have been given.

  12. These chrishitians are into creating fake history trying to prove as though Indhuism is alien to India

  13. I think the bhakts should take out a rally at Iraq Embassy and demand a Ram Temple at the site. Jai Shri Ram

  14. Nice information regarding RAMAYANA I request scholars to debate in established forms of finding around the globe and present the same to the world scholars

  15. As I had read in my middle school text books in 1954-58, our country is named after a king by name BHARATA who had killed a lion with bare hands. (Not the Bharatha brother of Sri Rama). This might be about 2000 years back or beyond I suppose.