Kaar Seva performed at the Priya Kund by Maan Mandir students

The restoration of the Priya Kund began in Varsana. A group of small brahmachari children of the Maan Mandir Gurukula began the cleaning of the Priya Kund, under the guidance of Saint Shri Ramesh Baba. It has been already ten days since the kund is being cleaned by the students.

The devotees take bath here in large numbers during the festivity seasons of Holi, Bhadra (Radhashtami) and Shravan (Jhulanotsava). There was a need to clean the kund, as it has never been cleaned in the recent past. Someone cleaned it ninety years back but the job remained in-completed.

After Saint Ramesh Baba expressed his wish, the students of the Maan Mandir trust took a pledge to clean the kund by performing the Kaar Seva. The Brajwasis are also helping the students for performing the seva. The villagers from the distant villages are joining the seva with each passing day.

In order to support the enthusiasm of the students and the devotees engaged in cleaning of the kund, Saint Ramesh Baba goes to the kund every day. He stays there for few hours to encourage the devotees. Shri Ramesh Baba feels even though the number of people cleaning the kund is less, but Harinaam will help the job to be completed smoothly.

The Priya Kund is very big and there is a lot of silt and dirt that needs to be cleared. During the cleaning and the excavation of the kund the deities of Parvati and Kartikey were found which may have been immersed by someone when they had broken.

According to the Bhakti Ratnakar, Radha Rani used to pick fruits and flowers from the pilu tree here. This pond is also called as Pili Pokhar, due to rinsing her yellow hands after her marriage with Krishna. This is the place where bath turmeric of Radharani created an exotic golden in water.

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