Sri Sri Ravi Shankar conferred with Peru’s highest award ‘Grand Officer’

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was today conferred with Peru’s one of the highest awards ‘Grand Officer’ for social work and mission to deliver peace through his foundation The Art of Living.

Andean Parliament in Lima honoured Sri with the award titled “Medalla de la Integracion en el Grado de Gran Oficial”.

While accepting the award he said, “We all need to work together to see this entire continent free from violence and stress.”

He began his speech in Spanish, thanking the President of the Congress and its members, and ended it with “Namaste” which he said means “I am all yours”.

He also said we need to establish communication on three levels–communication with oneself, communication with the society and communication with nature.

During his visit to Peru, Sri will have a private meeting with Brando Tapia, Congressman in Perú and Member, Andean Parliament; Ana María Solórzano, President of the Peruvian National Congress and with Luis Castañeda Lossio, Mayor of the City of Lima.

“Some of the Congressman have done the programmes that The Art of Living provides, after completing the course and filled with inner peace that they felt that Sri Sri must come to Perú and deliver his message to more people,” Alejandro Martinez Meijide, director of the Art of Living in Peru, told this to PTI over phone.

In the backdrop of Peru facing violence, corruption and stress, Brando Tapia, Congress man in Peru and member of the Andean Parliament said, “Everyone should have the opportunity to  know this worldwide spiritual leader, who helps us to have a better quality of life, who encourages us to do service and create a better society filled  with respect, union and happiness.”

The objective of The Art of Living, which was started in 2007 in Peru, involves promoting human values, fostering interfaith harmony, building communal unity, encouraging social responsibility and spearheading humanitarian causes.

“Thousands of people have benefited from the Art of Living programmes, public talks and workshops in schools, universities, companies and jails,” said Alejandro.

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