Mathura to become a ‘protected zone for the cows’


If things move in right direction Mathura would be the first district in Uttar Pradesh to be recognized as a protected zone for the cows. Efforts are being made to develop Mathura as a ‘Goshala Kshetra’.

The Divisional Commissioner Shri Pradeep Bhatnagar has asked the District Administration of Mathura to identify the Goshalas of the District and make a list of them. While presiding over a meeting in Agra to evaluate the priority projects declared by the Chief Minister, Shri Bhatnagar instructed the District Magistrate of Mathura to promote the organic farming in the district. The gaushalas should be trained to produce organic manure.

Talking to the media, Shri Bhatnagar said that all the efforts would be made to promote the organic farming in the district and the chemical fertilizers will be replaced by the organic manure in a pragmatic way. Once the farmers are used to the organic farming the chemical fertilizer will be banned completely in the district. He said that workshops and seminars will be organized to educate the farmers.

He added, “The Mathura district has thousands of cows in hundreds of Gaushalas , which produce tones of gobar and thousands of liters of cow urine. It is a valuable resource for the agrarian economy. Medicines can also be made out of the cow urine which goes waste so far. The gaushalas can be made self sustainable by making the advantageous use of the cow dung and urine.”

The Chief Developmental Officer Shri Andra Vamsi said, “Plans are being worked out to promote goshalas to run on scientific lines as cows have importance in our agrarian economy and among people of Mathura and Vrindavan.”

The Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance has been demanding for a centralized system for the cow family in Vraja. It has for a long time been demanding a national institute for cows in Mathura.

Acharya Naresh Narayan a senior member of the BVHA said, “We want Vraja should be known for the cow economy as Haridwar is known for Ayurveda.” He insisted, “The cow products have huge potential, even the electricity and gas can be extracted out of it”.

Dr. Chandra Prakash Sharma said, “We welcome the intention of the commissioner. Vraja should be made as a safe haven for the cows as this land belongs to Krishna who is inseparable from the cows.”

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