The traditional season of decorating the deities and the temples with flowers and garland began here on Tuesday. The deities of the prominent temples were brought out from the sanctum to the Jagmohan of the temples.

The lavish flower decoration covered the thrones and temple courtyards. The tradition of phool bangla had begun to give relief to the Lord from the heat of the summer by flower dress and decorations. The elaborate flower decorations are very attractive and bring many people to the temple to admire them. The beauty of the decorations can’t be described in words, nor imagined without having been seen at least once.

Traditionally the season of the Phool banglas begin on Kamda Ekadashi in the month of Chaitra and the flower decoration continues till Hariyali Amavasya, in the month of Shravan. This is the only time when the flower decorations are prescribed. Since the lord may get a cold or cough if the phool banglas are not organized in the winter.

Apart from the temple decoration, the deities are adorned with ornaments made of leaves, buds and flowers. The leaves are cut into the shape of ornament like necklace, armlets, bracelets, earrings and crowns. The flower buds of the scented flowers of mogra, kaner, tagar and bela are also used with the leaves to make the ornaments. Sometimes, the phool bangla is made of the panels festooned with vegetables, fruits and banana tree along with the flowers.

The devotees spend a big amount of money in sponsoring the phool banglas. In some temples the booking to sponsor the phool banglas are done in advance. Those who get the opportunity to sponsor the phool bangla consider them lucky as there are limited days to organize the flower festival comparing to the devotees who wish to sponsor the decoration.

Radha Raman, Shyam Sundar, Banke Bihari, Radha Ballabh, Radha Damodar are some temples where the phool banglas are organized frequently.

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