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sadaputa-das-web1 For those devotees not familiar with the name Sadaputa Dasa (Dr. Richard L. Thompson), he was one of Srila Prabhupada’s foremost preachers to the scientific community, one of the founding members of the Bhaktivedanta Institute, author of numerous books presenting the Vedic view of reality, international lecturer, a respected Vaishnava, and a veritable transcendental genius. He is also responsible for much of the current design of the Vedic planetarium in Mayapur and many other exhibits planned for the TOVP. It was the world’s great misfortune that in 2008 he passed away from this world, leaving much work undone in his life’s mission and service to Srila Prabhupada.

In his own words he felt that, “believing science to be wrong and Krishna consciousness right is not sufficient. You must know WHY science is wrong.” Thus, aside from finding ways of bridging the gap between science and the Vedic wisdom, one of his main goals was to teach and educate devotees exactly why scientific explanations of reality are incomplete at best, and continue to be so.

There is now underway an effort to collect, preserve, and disseminate his legacy of lectures, books, videos, interviews, papers, etc. for the benefit of all future generations of devotees and researchers of Vedic wisdom. And first in this effort is the creation of a dedicated Youtube Channel, The Sadaputa Digital Channel, now available to watch at This is undoubtedly the most complete and organized collection of Sadaputa’s lectures, seminars, videos, and interviews available in one place. We recommend you visit the channel and subscribe so you can receive announcements of related Archives progress.

In the coming years we hope to provide all these lectures, seminars, etc. in CD format along with transcriptions for serious research and study. A website and Facebook Page are also planned for the near future.

The Sadaputa Digital Channel:

Note: We are continually on the lookout for additional recorded lectures or videos

of Sadaputa. If you know of or have access to such, please contact us at:

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