Mahanidhi Swami – for the sake of all his friends

Mahanidhi Swami – for the sake of all his friends and the readers of his books 

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

Dear readers, please accept my obeisances.

After hearing about the accusation made against my beloved god brother, Mahanidhi Swami, I went to visit him at his place in Radha Kunda as soon as I could. He was the same wonderful, humble vaishnava as always. We regretted the slander campaign made against him, especially considering the sufferings caused to all his friends, disciples and joyful readers of the twenty five books he has published over the years.

The story is short. He was accused of having had an illicit relationship with a disciple from India, a married woman he has known for over twenty years, as well as her husband. The story was made up and has no basis at all. Neither he nor the lady was interviewed. Only some heard something said by ill-disposed individuals who made up these rumors. He was not in the mood to retaliate the viciousness of the procedure. Talking with him deeply, we both felt that it is best to leave the punishment of the wrongdoers to Yamaraj. He was accused and judged guilty and then denounced publicly via, without a hearing or giving him an opportunity of a defense of any kind.

The accusers attempted to create doubt in the mind of the lady’s husband. Mahanidhi Swami was told: “Get out of Radha Kunda, your life is in danger”. This whole slander affair has both childish and criminal features. When Mahanidhi Swami realized that people wanted to pressure him out of the institution he had served for thirty-eight years, he was disheartened and decided to renounce to their company, rather than to get into such a conflict. They had already ruined his reputation, which hurt him deeply, after having worked for the welfare of all through his books and lectures, etc. Even though he had been previously inclined to retire to bhajan and studies, he has meticulously worked to share the treasures of the Vaishnava literature with others.

I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that I will be using the popularity of this website ( to reach the vaishnava world community to express his true feelings and to protect his integrity. Let the truth be my witness. It is our duty in this world to help each other and this has to be reflected in our relationships.

Thanks to Lord Krishna I did not judge Mahanidhi Maharaj because of those publications. Otherwise, I also would have lost one of my lifelong friends succumbing to gossip, or even worse, to some motivated conspiracy. What could be the motive? He was too popular and did not fit in with the party line of the spiritual master who has no standing except by institutional approval. The administration approves who can be a guru or not. They can remove you without a trial, without even hearing your defense. It sounds a lot like fascism doesn't it?

With respect

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

PS: I am sorry to disturb your bhajan. I just felt that some relief work could be done by sharing Mahanidhi Maharaja’s clarifications regarding the fact of his resignation letter.

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