Philippines: Urgent Help Needed for Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan


Source: European meteorological group EUMETSAT (click on Image for larger view)

Typhoon Haiyan roared over the Philippines with pounding rain and top sustained winds approaching 200 mph as it neared the coast. “It is the strongest tropical cyclone on record that’s made landfall, writes Jeff Masters at Wunderground.

That death toll is expected to rise. According to the AP, “close to 720,000 people had been evacuated from towns and villages in the typhoon’s path across the central Philippines, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said.”

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Food for Life Philippines is responding to the emergency with hot vegan meals. A team of volunteers is gathering resources and equipment to expand their efforts immediately. Spokesperson for the team, Balarama Das, contacted Food for Life Global for assistance. “We are sending money to help with the initial stages of the relief effort,” explains director, Paul Turner. “However, the response to this national disaster is going to be a long term one, so more funds are urgently needed to keep our volunteers supplied and supported,” he said.

Our local FFL coordinator just sent us this brief report…

“Here’s an update about the situation in Tacloban city and nearby places: there is no water supply and no food supply there; people are getting frustrated and will do anything to get food like stealing and looting. There are more than 1600 dead bodies recorded now and there are thousands missing. The local authorities are planning to have a mass burial tomorrow. However, some bodies have already been buried just along the roads.

Many of the nearby towns are impossible to reach, because of the devastation. There’s no banks open and other establishments are closed all over the place. If possible, please try to send as much money as possible now before we enter the main disaster zone so that we can continue our operation without interruption.

The mobile network signal in these places are very poor. The good news is that we are now fully equipped with big cooking pots, gas tanks and a portable burner.

The people really need our help. Food for Life ready-to-eat vegan meals will be well received. We have been serving many people already in the less critical areas, but we now wish to enter the places where people really need us.

Please send funds as soon as possible.”


Every $20 donated can help us feed up to 60 people a freshly cooked vegan meal.

Please do what you can to help.

Emergency Relief

Donate to the Food for Life Global emergency fund to help the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan.

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