If I could turn one man to Krishna consciousness

So it is very difficult; still, Caitanya Mahaprabhu ordered to distribute this knowledge all over the world. So let us try. Even the people do not take our instruction, that is not our disqualification. Our qualification is let us try our best. The maya is very strong. To take the living entities out of the clutches of maya is not very easy thing. My Guru Maharaja used to say… He had so many temples all over India, and he used to say sometimes that “If by selling all these properties, temples, if I could turn one man to Krishna consciousness, then my mission will be successful.” He used to say that. So our purpose is not to construct big, big buildings. That is required for propaganda work, for giving shelter to people. But our main business is how to turn the face of the bewildered conditioned souls towards Krishna. That is our method. That is our main purpose.

Nectar of Devotion lectures 1972

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