Srila Prabhupada explains why cooperation is the essence of the movement

So this is the position. You are cooperating; therefore I am getting the credit. Otherwise alone what could I do? Ekaki amara nahi paya bolo.

Caitanya Mahaprabhu Himself wanted our cooperation. He is God, Krsna. And therefore cooperation is very important thing. Nobody should think that “I have got so great ability. I can do.” No. It is simply by cooperation we can do very big thing. “United we stand; divided we fall.” This is our…. So be strong in pushing on Krsna consciousness, and Krsna will help. He is the strongest. Still, we must be combined together.

Sankirtana. Sankirtana means many men combined together chanting. That is sankirtana. Otherwise kirtana. Sankirtana. Bahubhir militva kirtayeti sankirtana.(?) Bahu. Bahu means many, many combined together. That is Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission, combined together. All nations, all persons they should combine together. There is hope in our society, combination. There are Hindus; there are Muslims; there are Christians; there are black, white. Combine them.

That looks very beautiful, just like combination of many flowers. There is black flower also. It looks nice, very nice. Each and every flower take alone; it is not beautiful, but when they are combined together, it looks very beautiful. It is attractive. And that is wanted. Because from the spiritual platform we are all working. Panditah sama-darsinah [Bg. 5.18]. Spiritual platform, every one of us, we are servant of Krsna.

So where is the competition between one servant with another? There is…. Even there is competition, the center is Krsna — “Who can serve more?” Therefore that competition is very welcome, because there is no personal interest. Everyone is trying how to serve Krsna more. That is wanted. The competition is there in his real form and perverted form. In the real form Krsna is the center, and the perverted form, I am the center. I compete with you to satisfy my senses more. What is called? Heliocentric or…?

Pusta Krsna: Egocentric.

Prabhupada: Egocentric, yes. This is egocentric.

Tamala Krsna: It should be Krsna-centric.

Prabhupada: Yes, then it is perfect. The competition must remain. The others, they say, “Why competition? Make it zero.” That is imperfect. But competition to satisfy Krsna, that is reality.

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