Dharm and non violence are synonyms

One cannot quarrel in the name of dharma. There cannot be any fight.

What is dharm?

Dharm means that which holds the Individual, Family, Society, Country, All world, together. There cannot be any quarrel by dharma. This is general meaning of dharm.

Dharm has various limbs, namely Brahmacharya i.e.to observe celibacy or to withdraw from all sex connections. Complete Celibacy. If anybody restricts his passion, does he do harm to family, society, country, continents? If anybody observe brahmacharya , does that person do any harm to anybody?

Then is satya, Speaking truth. Will it hurt family, society, country? By adharm you are disturbing the whole world? All the scams, etc. comes under adharm. If anybody tell lie then it is adharm. Adharm brings disturbance. Adharm means misguiding the people. Only ritualistic worship is not dharm.

Tapasya – to withdraw senses from all objects of sensual pleasure. While performing penance, does he inflict injury to anybody in this World. We are all doing all kinds of sins for sense gratification. If anybody does anything to control that, will he harm anyone?

Charity: If whatever one earns is used for self, without giving to anyone else including family members, this is adharm. One has taken the help of parents. How was one brought up? Without parents would one survive in this world? Everyone is indebted to them. They have right over your income. If one does not give them any money then it is adharm. Every adharm has a reaction. One take help of other human-beings, demigods. They are giving us air, water, grains, etc. We must pay them back. If we are not giving anything then it is adharm. One must give charity or contribution. Now, if anybody follows this practice, then does this bring harm to society? If one does not do this and uses money purely for self enjoyment then that man is doing adharm. By that he is creating all sorts of problems in this society.

Dharm cannot bring violence, only peace. One must understand this. Sinful acts and the reactions are due to adharm.

Niyam – This means following a regulated life. If one does not observe regulation of body, he/she will be diseased. One may have many more difficulties. Regulation of mind, Society, institution, etc. is required. There should be discipline. This is dharm. One follows these rules for enhancement of body, enhancement of mind, intellect, in proper way, as per instructions of experienced authorities, guides. Does following regulation harm anybody?

Forgiveness – One cannot live in a family, society, etc. without forgiveness. Anybody can commit a sin, a kind of disturbance knowingly unknowingly, and forgiveness is must otherwise one cannot remain in society, one cannot rectify if there is no forgiveness. Anyone can commit mistake. If others should not tolerate then how can one remain, hence there should be tolerance. All should practice this tolerance. Does tolerance do any harm to any society?

Non violence is dharm. If one inflicts injury to anybody, there will be reaction. To every action there is reaction. Do not use any force, otherwise there will be reaction. Violence in this world will bring reaction. Violence of any kind ignites fire. Due to this we have reactions in the form of catastrophe, earthquakes, epidemics. Reaction is a must for balance. Any serious crime brings reaction.

Tranquility of mind – If mind is disturbed, one cannot take proper decision. One who worship Supreme Lord is at peace as Lord is absolute bliss. Any decision is proper when taken with calm mind. People are always thinking of worldly matters and are always disturbed. Whenever we get angry/wrath, we will be disturbed and harm others.

Whenever we worship most tranquil entity Supreme Lord, our mind will become tranquilized, calm and serene, and then we can take right decision.

Then we have austerity. All these limbs of dharma, will this do harm to any one?

There are different levels of, elevated stages of dharma. The highest dharma is to love all.

To attain this knowledge is actual philosophical knowledge. But this will come from those who have actual realization.

Srila B.B. Tirtha Goswami Maharaja is the President of the WVA and President Acharya of All India Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math (Regd.)

This article was published by a leading English daily newspaper in their editorial column of 'Speaking tree' on 14 June, 2013.

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