Restoration of Narashinga Temple in Yogapith

The old temple of Sri Lakshmi Narasingha and Sri Gaur Gadadhara in Yogapith (Mayapur) is currently being restored by the Yogapith temple administration.The temple structure was fully damaged and could fall down any time, causing harm to the visiting pilgrims and devotees.

Sreeman Jayanta Brahmachary, temple in-charge, estimates the total expenses to be over 54000 USD / 3,1 lakh Rs. The Samadhi Mandir of Srimati Bhagavati Devi is also being restored.

Yogapith is an important holy place for all Gaudiya Vaishnavas. Jayanta Brahmachary is requesting devotees around the world to help with the restoration work by sending donations.

Contact Jayanta Brahmachary for more details:

Mobile: +91 (0)993 222 7855

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