Preaching in Bangladesh: Srila B.V. Swami Maharaja

Srila Bhakti Vijay Swami Maharaja is the oldest sannyas disciple of H.D.G. Srila B.K. Santa Goswami Maharaja in Bangladesh. Swami Maharaja’s preaching in Bangladesh brought many new devotees to the mission of Lord Chaitanya. Currently Maharaja is staying in Mayapur, where he was accepted by sannyasis and devotees to serve as an Acharya in the Mission of His Gurudeva. He soon plans to return to Bangladesh to continue to spread the Holy Name.

Our local WVA secretary, Arup Govinda Prabhu, asked Maharaja to become representative of the WVA.

Vaishnavas and Hindus in Bangladesh are frequently being attacked by Islamic militants and terrorist groups. The attacks have increased in recent months.

Living and preaching in places like Bangladesh will become easier with the blessings and support a worldwide Vaishnava community (WVA-VVRS) and by showing to the world that Vaishnavas in all countries care for their brothers and sisters in Bangladesh.

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