Introduction to Shri Krishna

This brief introduction by HDG Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur was originally published in The Harmonist, Vol XXXI-1, 1934.

The ebullient human nature is regulated by censorious warning from ceremonial agencies. The sound waves irritate the auditory nerves and, the helping, prior experiences lead the aural reception to the brain for quodlibetic exploitation. Over this, a remedy is suggested by the epistemological order to approach unending transcendental nature of vibratory movements without indulging in restless disproving temper of an empiricist.

The characteristic feature of mundane sounds is that the sounds retire after pointing out an object of the phenomena whereas the transcendental nomenclature is naturally endowed with the manifestation of the object in full without the assistance of temporary limited gross or subtle entourages of matter suitable to reciprocate the different senses as in the case of sensuous scrutiny.

The Harmonist deals with the introduction to Shri Krishna, Krishna Bhakti or devotional system and the solution of attaining Krishna's love, the highest desirability of eternal blissful wisdom of the Pure Soul now posing as a miserable candidate of an enjoying mood. Ray Ramananda has invoked the blessing of Murari's dance attended with music and musical sounds which blended the association of Sri Krishna's Entourage with His Absolute manifested Pastimes in the activities of the Eternal Associates of the all-time Greatest Benefactor of souls, the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya. All the three sections of non-begging devotees who have love for the All-love are expected ipso facto to welcome The Harmonist as their real friend.

– Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati

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