Global Kirtan for the Yamuna River

On March 1, 500,000 people will Walk to Delhi, from Vrindavan, for Clean Water to be returned to the banks of the Yamuna River & the sacred Ghats of Braj.

Krishna's Water Goddess is calling with no voice…
Her waters are deadly toxic with pollution
Our bathing rituals soon to be lost forever

I know the solutions are as complex as the problems
I know we are all tied to Her survival
In one generation, we have witnessed Her soft silken silt, turned to toxic trash

It is possible to return Clean Water
To the Gates of Vrindavan & Taj Mahal
Temples, Palaces, Villages, Pastures, People…

I request that we activate our Voices in Prayer & Solidarity for Yamuna Devi
Wherever YOU are
From Kumbh to HOME

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