Srila B.B. Vishnu Maharaja visits France

On the invitation of K.Bhakti (WVA Secretary in France), Srila B.B. Vishnu Maharaja (Vice-president of the WVA) visited France from 24. to 28. November, 2012. This was the first visit of Maharaja to France in order to help the Alliance Vaishnava, which represents the WVA in France to promote the spirit of brotherhood among the French yatras (Vaishnavas and their missions).

Srila Vishnu Maharaja visited several temples in France. His main destination was the Gopaldev Mandir in the City of Rouen, where he was welcomed by Yati Maharaja and other devotees. During his tour he was accompanied by Tapasvi Maharaja and Bhakti Rakshak Maharaja.

Maharaja spoke wonderfully about love and brotherhood in Vaishnavism.

In Paris he visited K.Bhakti / N.Muki's house and on the country side he met a few disciples of Srila Prabhupada.

On 27. of November Maharaja was invited together with Jean Christophe Perrin and Ghaleb Ben Cheik to speak on France 2 TV Channel discussing peace and interreligious subjects.

Mr. Ben Cheik was touched by the words of Maharaja and was willing to see him again to discuss further topics in regards to interreligious programs.

Vishnu Maharaj left France on the 28. of November 2012, leaving behind the impression of simple, honest Vaishnava, giving hope to Vaishnavas in France to increase the Alliance Vaishnava association for the benefit of all under the banner of the WVA and Sri Gaurangadev.

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