What’s the role of time, in the material word, in the Krishna lilas, in the saints pastimes?

My doubt comes because I see Sukadeva as disciple of Dhasaratha – in the lord Rama pastimes-, then I see Sukadeva telling the Bhagavatam to king Parikshit little before Kali yuga.

Why? How is it possible?


“Dear Devotee,
Hare Krishna. Accept my blessings,

Time has nothing to do in Dham and Lord’s divine pastimes irrespective of any forms He accepts. Time expands and contracts according to the necessity of pastime in Dham. Time plays a very important role in this material world even in saintly pastimes. The quality and span of life differs in all the four yugas. Some devotees also live many years. So, this can be seen in the case of Sukadeva Goswami and in many other saints’ lives. Notwithstanding, they are still bound to time.

My love to you.”

Swami Bhakti Vigyan Bharati


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