Gaudiya Math in Puri attacked, 6 devotees injured

On June 3th 2012, the Bhajan Kutir of Srila B.S. Saraswati Thakur and Sri Purushottam Math in Puri Dham were attacked by criminals. In this incident 6 devotees were injured.

The bulglars attacked and opened the puspa-samadhi of Sri Ananta Vasudeva Prabhu, one car, destroyed preaching books, counters and other inmobiliary of the temple using iron rods.

They were using home made bombs to attack the math as well.

The criminals tried to brake the holy bhajan kutir/chatak parvat of Srila B.S. Saraswati Thakura, but in this moment the devotees counted attack using broken pieces of bricks, because of that the Chatak parvat was saved.

The criminals destroyed the flower garden of the Chatak Parvat. They tried to attack this place from a side road. Thanks to the immediate reaction of the devotees, the criminal couldn't do more damage.

The result is that 6 devotees were injured, one of them seriously.

On June 4th all the Gaudiya Math leaders (including Sudhadvaiti Swami from Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya Math, Puri) had a meeting on Chatak Parvat, the local police was part of the meeting as well.

We will provide further updates on this issue.

Please join us in praying for the health of the brave devotees who protected this important place for the Gaudiya Saraswat devotees.

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