New Book On Animal Rights

We are happy to announce the release of a new book by Dr. Sahadeva dasa on animal rights, 'Noble Cow – Munching Grass, Looking Curious And Just Hanging Around.'

This book deals with the ability of animals to feel, perceive or be conscious and to have subjective experiences.

In Taiwan, a cow separated from owner, goes on hunger strike. In rural Cambodia, a motherless child finds mother in a cow as he suckles her. Down in Australia a flood heroine, after rescuing her owner, is leading a pampered existence. In Brazil’s Pantanal swamps, a cow was seen wandering among the crocodiles while in India, the land of holy cows, a bull hero is booked out for two years. Up in Alps, the Swiss are combating stress by renting out the mountain cows while in Germany, the nation’s focus has been on Yvonne, the runaway cow. There are numerous such stories here. Cows rule and cow rock!

The great blind spot of our modern Civilization is the mistreatment and disregard for non-human life in nearly every capacity.

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It was recently launched for nationwide release in India. Books like this assume significance in wake of Indian Government's relentless efforts to step up meat production, consumption and export. Until last year, India was in 3rd position in beef export but this year, India has broken all records to achieve the number one spot. There is over 90% subsidy for slaughterhouse modernization and for setting up of new slaughterhouses. Whole economy of Brazil is tanking, being unable to compete with the Indian beef. We are part of a national team which is spearheading efforts to put a stop to this demonic mischief.

Kurmaksetra dasa (MVS)

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