Disappointments and Bhajan

We should not be disappointed by the happenings of the world and give up our Bhajana. This world is the place of turmoil and disturbances caused by the illusory energy of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Only a completely surrendered soul can surmount the ocean of births and deaths – threefold afflictions. We are to practice six-fold Saranagati which is the basis of devotional life. Without Saranagati, there cannot be Bhakti.

We should not be perturbed by mundane worldly loss and gain. We should be very careful about the eternal benefit of the eternal self which will go with us.

Whatever is done by the Will of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Who is All-Good, is for the eternal benefit of all. Jivas reap the fruits of their own Karma. Nobody is to be blamed for this. We should not be perturbed under any circumstance and give up Bhajana in our short duration of stay in this transitory world. A completely surrendered soul is always protected and maintained by Sri Krishna. There is no cause of anxiety to him. He remains calm under all circumstances. We are controlled by Absolute-Will. We cannot do anything against His Will. Whether we shall lead an ascetic life or household life depends upon His Will. If He wishes anything, nobody can obstruct it.

We cannot see adjustment and cannot find solution by our own capacity. Total unconditional submission is the only way of solving problems. Jivas commit offence at the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna, when they, being eternal servants of Sri Krishna, become averse to Sri Krishna. As long as Jivas will not remove this offence, there will be no practical solution. Maya will surely envelop them and there will be desire for enjoyment which will hurl them down to hell – intense suffering.

The root cause of the disease is to be eradicated, otherwise undesirable symptoms will crop up.

Hence, the root cause of all troubles, repugnance to Sri Krishna, is to be removed. We are averse to Sri Krishna from time immemorial. This averseness cannot be removed all of a sudden. It may require thousands of births or one birth. Even Ambarish Maharaja, the great devotee, could conquer all material desires gradually. Nothing can be achieved all of a sudden.

‘Sadhya’ – ultimate blissful spiritual existence – cannot be attained without ‘Sadhana’. Association of bona fide real Sadhus is essential for spiritual enhancement.

Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha
October 15, 2011, Sri Govardhan.

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