Your Experiences With Lord Krishna


I am presently putting a book together about the many experiences that people have had with Deities. I have much of the traditional information regarding temples across India, but I also know that there are many devotees throughout the world who have had, or continue to have, or who know about additional stories of personal experiences of reciprocation with Lord Krishna or any of his many Deity forms.

Such experiences with Krishna can include dreams of the Lord in which he said something or gave you an important sign, personal guidance that affected your life, or personal prayers that were answered. It can also include ways that he showed himself to you, ways your life has changed because of his intervention, or experiences you had with his Deity form.

If you or anyone you know have had any personal experiences or reciprocation with Lord Krishna and would like to share them with others, please write down the details and send it to Sri Nandanandana dasa (Stephen Knapp) at Srinandan -at- . I will collect some of the most worthwhile stories and compile them into a book for the joy, interest and encouragement of others, along with many of the traditional stories I already have.

I hope the book will be a great tool to show that the Vedic path is not stagnant or based merely on blind faith but is a dynamic path that provides ongoing revelations for devotees of many different levels of spiritual development.

Please consider sharing your stories: write them down, and send them to me. Or you may also join this Yahoo newsgroup to share your stories with others quickly, who will also be reading what others send in.

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