Vrindavan is inviting us to serve


You can observe that there is a lot of garbage, destruction of important sites, etc. And why? This happens because Vrindavan is inviting us to serve it. Vrindavan invites us to become activists. By mercy, Vrindavan takes this shape to give us service, to let us do something for the dham, dham seva.

If Vrindavan would be a nice garden or a perfect forest, then what service could we do there, how could we serve it? In Vrindavan they are so worried about the internal cleaning that they forget about the external aspect, they don't care about the external things. And for that reason we many times see garbage or places which are not clean, but they are pure internally. On the contrary, in the West, everything is clean outside, on the external level. We are dedicated to have all the things well organized. But internally we have all the things dirty and unclean. For this, it is important to serve the dham with systematic projects. Because Kali Yuga moves fordward constantly, everyday Kali advances.

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