WVA Internet Works

The world wide web of electronic communication invaded the world in the 90's. It caught many people by surprise but gained such an influence that it became the “Mega Mridunga”. Such a power of outreach that a message could be send to any part of the world within only seconds.

For the Vaishnava communities it meant learning to manage their service in the form of books, movies, lectures and musical recordings via the electronic media.

Quickly internet sites appeared as well as different chat platforms, forums and much more. Vaishnava Missions in the western world were faster to adapt their preaching efforts to this new medium, but also the traditional Indian missions soon entered the arena of online preaching. The efforts of the WVA to provide a forum which serves the common needs of all Vaishnava missions are represented through pages like www.vina.cc.

The WVA web site www.wva-vvrs.org serves as an organized platform of the umbrella efforts of the World Vaishnava Association. There is a forum for conversations available.

And the www.harekrishnaworldnews.blogspot.com is a blog which provides additional information about all the different sites offered by the Vaishnava world.

The Internet committee coordinator of the WVA since the beginning is Pancha Tattva das from Peru, who has selflessly provided service to the Vaishnava Net efforts. Today more than 10,000 pages of different Vaishnavas help to spread the ideals of theistic Vedanta. And since the year 2010 VINA in Bengali language www.vinabangla.blogspot.com offers their service.

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