Keeping Vrindavan Clean

The holy dham is inundated with plastic. Previously, India was the best recycling nation with leaf plates and clay cups.

But with the inundation of plastics, in form of bags, cups and plates, now even the holy places are inundated with filth.

According to our capacity we are trying to clean some holy places to give an example to the local residents and to show how different the atmosphere becomes when everything is clean.

In cooperation with local cleanup crews, Food for Life, Friends of Vrindavan and with the local Pancajats (village elders) plans are being made to keep the holy places clean.

We are setting up information panels for locals to inform them how garbage can be collected.

In many cases during our cleanup efforst, local people join in with enthusiasm. In the case of the kundas – lakes, we also clean inside the water.

We invited volunteer to join, by personally coming to Vrindavan and to help to pickup garbage from the Holy Lila Places of Sri Krishna. Please contact us under the following number: 09927888664.

This is just a humble effort to fulfill the vision of cleanliness by our spiritual teachers.

After the Kumbha Mela, one illegal dumping ground may be recovered and we will adopt this place to make a place for Vrindavan peacock. Since Vrindavan is right now a construction site, we hope that the overall cleanliness situation will improve in the near future.

The World Vaishnava Association donated 50 garbage collection rikshas to the Municipality and to organization who are doing active cleaning work.

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