New Issue of Krishna Kathamrita Magazine

Gopal Jiu Publications is pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited 12th issue of Sri Krishna Kathamrita Magazine, "The Hidden Identity of Lord Jagannath".

Topics include:

* Srila Prabhupada's collected instructions on the worship of Lord Jagannath in the West

* Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami on the ten stages of separation

* Where is Radharani? If Jagannath is Shyamasundar Krishna, the worshipable deity of the Gaudiya Vaishnavas, then where is his beloved consort?

* Excerpts from the life of Mahaprabhu's intimate associate Madhavi Devi, photos of her personal deities Sri Sri Radha Gopinath, and a sample from her exquisite poetry.

* A summary of the twelve main festivals of Jagannath

* Jayadev's famous poetic narrative Gita-govinda and its intimate connection with Lord Jagannath's worship.

Includes dozens of rare photos and paintings.

Use the links below to view sample pages from the magazine:

* Table of Contents:

* Radha, the Beloved of Jagannath – Song by Madhavi Devi:

* Jagannath and Gita-govinda Today:

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