Association Of Suddha Bhaktas Is Essential

The heart disease of every Jiva is Lust (Kama). An enslaved Jiva cannot conquer Kama by his own capacity. We become victims of Kama (passion) when we become averse to Sri Krishna. This punishment has been inflicted upon those, who, being the eternal servants of Sri Krishna, are reluctant to serve Him. If the root cause of passion is not eradicated, how can we conquer Kama? When we become averse to Sri Krishna and want to enjoy Maya, Maya immediately envelops us and we get false egos relating to subtle and gross bodies. As such we are passing through cycles of births since time immemorial and burning in the conflagration of births and deaths and threefold affliction. The only way of getting emancipation from worldly suffering is total unconditional surrender to the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna.

As we have inherited the egoistic mentality, the inertia to enjoy through cycles of births, it is not easy for an enslaved Java to give up all mundane egos and take absolute shelter at the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna unconditionally. Association of bona fide suddha Bhaktas is essential for getting enhancement in spiritual life. We cannot get the desired result all of a sudden. It requires time. It depends upon the intensity of the sadhana. Even Ambarish Maharaja, the great devotee, could conquer all Kama gradually. We are to continue to perform sadhana with steadfast belief and patience. It is better to go through 'Bhakta-Charitras' —biographies of devotees in Srimad Bhagavatam, as we get impetus from Bhaktas how they attained God.

When one can see drawbacks and painfulness of enjoyment, one cannot wilfully take recourse to this. An enslaved Jiva cannot rescue himself from the clutches of Maya by his own capability, as long as he remains averse to Sri Krishna. Every enslaved Jiva is attracted by lust – desire for money, woman, name & fame. Only a sincere, completely surrendered soul can rescue himself from the clutches of Maya by the grace of Sri Krishna and His Absolute Counterpart Gurudeva. 'saranagati' is the Divine Panacea of all diseases. Invoking 'Sri Krishna' from the core of heart is the best expression of 'saranagati'.

This world is not the permanent place of our stay. That which is born will die one day. The wise do not mourn for that which is inevitable. 'Jivas' come and go as per desire of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Out of ignorance we think them to be ours and become attached to them. All Jivas are eternally related with Sri Krishna. When Jivas, by their relative independence, become averse to Sri Krishna they become enveloped by the illusory energy of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna and are passing through cycles of births and deaths. We have got this precious human Birth to rescue ourselves from this severe bondage and take absolute shelter at the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna which can only bestow us absolute bliss.

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