Narottam das Thakur Seva Yamuna Cleaning

The World Vaishnava Association has taken up the cleaning of the beautiful Yamuna beach from the Ponton bridge to the Devraha Baba Samadhi. This important stretch of land is the original Vansi-vata beach where Krishna dances with His beloved Gopis. Since much dirt is carried there through the river and the wind, regular cleaning will restore the natural beauty of this holy parikrama sanctuary.

Home of meditating sadhus and next to the Devraha Baba bird sanctuary, this place still reflects the original Vrindavan. This is also the area which was cleaned by Srila Narottam das Thakur to obtain the grace of his Gurudeva Srila Lokananth Goswami.

World Vaisnava association will sponsor the project and initially hire Friends of Vrindavan to execute the cleaning and removal of all dirt to Vrindavans official dumpingground.

For details write to Praneshvara das Brahmachary

Vrindavan Dham ki jay!

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