Sri Gopal Chandra Gosh Left His Body

The living Vrindavan encyclopedia has gone back to Krishna. Sri Gopal Gosh was full of love for Srila Prabhupada and his beloved Deities. Living at Brahma kunda near Vrinda kunja he gave us many hours of his sweet Vrindavan talk. He was very concerned to look after the devotees. Every time I met him he gave a nectar gift of a rare picture. He also arranged for the deities of Radha Braja Mohan to come to Vrinda Kunja after the temple restauration was completed.

We miss this saintly Vaishnava who spend most of his life in the Vrindavan Research Institute as a librarian. He knows the story of almost every one of Vrindavans 5000 thousand temples and was very close to Srila Prabhupada as well. He was a friend to all. We will miss him and his amazing storehouse of nectar. Sukumar, the homeopathic doctor from Vrinda kunja, looked after his health for the last 2 years.

Sri Gopal Gosh Prabhu ki jay!

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