Mac Users Have to Chant More Rounds

Ever since we found out that Steve Jobs was a regular visitor at the Hare Krishna temple before he started Apple Inc., we can understand that the holy name of Krishna must have given him some special inspiration. And since everybody nowadays has an iPod, those who do use either Mac or iPod should certainly chant some extra rounds for Steve Jobs so that he will use some of the revenue of his big business to spread Krishna consciousness.

What is the use of all this money Steve? If you don't do something better than Bill, I mean Bill Gates made a huge donation to his Bill Gates Foundation, and he is even so kind to visit slums in India, at least for taking a few nice snaps. But you Steve with all these Hare Krishna Mac users really owe the spiritual development of the world some solid and intelligent contribution.

Anyway do not take my offense when I remind you here that you won't be able to even take a Nano with you when your days come to an end. And all of you Macintosh users, you may be happy because you won't get any Viruses, but that does not mean that the virus of materialism hasn't already gotten you. So use your IT expertise to do something useful for the world and not for any maya (illusion) please. And if you think the Mac is evolution, you better check our Spoon Revolution (.org).

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