Why Lord Jagannath does not eat chillies

At least in Puri. Chillies did not come from India. Those who like chillies have to pay their homage to America. There are 3000 varieties of chillie in Mexico and chillie is first class for making organic pesticides, medicinal applications and also spices for the hot kitchen. And the potato is also not on Lord Jagannaths menue, because it comes from Peru. Otherwise indians are real potato lovers and it looks like most of the other deities are not so peculiar about it like Lord Jagannath in Puri. Well, Ramanujacarya himself was not authorized to change the worship of Lord Jagannath. Who knows what special lila is the cause that He only graces everyone while the Ratha yatra parade is going on with His darshan. We have even heard that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Prabhupada did not allow chillies in his Maths but if you are a Vaishnava and you do not like chillie you better live in Jagannath Puri and only eat Jagannath maha prasad or take a fire extinguisher when you go to any Gaudiya Math for prasadam. Of course if you are Mexican you won't mind. Last not least the conclusion is wether you eat carrots or not, potatos or not, eggplants and mustard seed on Ekadasi or not, just make sure you don't forget Krishna and make sure to love and respect all other Vaishnavas, even if they follow the customs a little bit different than you.

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