The True History and Religion of India

The religion of Bharatvarsh is the direct descension of the Grace of God which is manifested in the form of our Divine scriptures. They reveal the total philosophy of each and every aspect of God and the creation of this universe, and, at the same time, they also reveal the process of God realization with all the necessary informations, whatever a devotee may need during his devotional period. It is all done by the eternal Sages and Saints whose Gracious deeds and the events of their life form the major part of our Divine history. Thus, the history and the religion of Bharatvarsh are not like the history and the religion of the western world which contains the accounts and the ideologies of the material beings; this is the description of the Divine personalities, Divine acts of our Sages and Saints, Divine descensions, and the knowledge of the Divine approach to God that enables a soul to receive God realization.

Our scriptures describe about:

(a) The omnipresence of all the forms of one single God; His Divine abodes, virtues, absoluteness, Blissfulness, and omniscience; and His unlimited Graciousness that reveals His glory, greatness, kindness and Divine love to the souls, making them equally Blissful as Himself.

(b) The origin, evolution and the creation of this universe which is apparently the manifestation of an endless, eternal and lifeless energy called the maya that works with the help of God and involves unlimited number of infinitesimal souls which remain under its bondage.

(c) The quality, nature, behavior and the eternal existence of unlimited number of souls along with the cause, nature and the strength of their worldly attachments which keeps them under the bondage of maya.

(d) The procedure, practice, drawbacks and the helping factors which are related to the attainment of the Grace of God that reveals His Divine knowledge, Divine vision and Divine love, and which makes a maya-inflicted soul absolutely Blissful forever; and

(e) our scriptures also reveal the various sciences (Sanskrit grammar and language, astrology, sociology, defense and medicine etc.) for the good of the people of the world in general. All of these philosophies with their intricate details are described in an absolutely coordinated manner.

It is, thus, very obvious and anyone could understand this fact that the above mentioned knowledges are very beyond the limits of human intelligence; so they must have been produced by God Himself; and the fact is that they are produced by God Himself.

It is an axiom that everything that is produced by God is eternal, because God is eternal. Thus, the knowledge of God and the knowledge of the path to God are both eternal, and the scriptures containing those knowledges along with the Sanskrit language are also eternal. The eternal existences are the Divine powers of God, so all of our scriptures like the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas etc., are also the Divine powers, residing in the abode of God in their Divine personal form.

To hold, to retain, to reproduce and to protect such a great Divine knowledge of our scriptures, the Divine personalities are needed. So, the creator of our brahmand (planetary system with all the celestial abodes), Brahma, with the Grace of God, produces such Divine personalities called Sages and Rishis who do this job. These Divine personalities are the eternal associates of God who live in His Divine abode and who descend on the earth planet to maintain and to protect the Divine knowledge for the good of the souls of this world.

Apart from that, supreme God Bhagavan Ram and Krishna also descend (avatar) on the earth planet to reveal the glory of Divine love. From time to time many more eternal Saints descend whom we call jagadgurus, acharyas and the bhakta and the rasik Saints, who directly help the souls build their faith in God and proceed on the path to God realization. This is the general configuration and the Divine system of the establishment of Bhartiya religion called Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism.

This is the age of materialism called kaliyuga that started 5,101 years ago (3102 BC). The effects of kaliyuga are to despise the Divine truth and to elevate the anti-God elements in the name of God. Its effects were clearly visible since the last 2,500 years when Jagadguru Shankaracharya descended in India. But in the last 200 years such despisations were much greater when the English regime tried to destroy the culture and the religion of India by all means, and, during that time, they deliberately produced such derogatory literatures in huge quantities that confused and misguided the whole world.

Trying to impose the worldliness of their own culture upon Hindu faith, they introduced such fictious theories and disparaging dogmas that produced a derogatory and demeaning view of Hinduism. These publications affected the minds of Hindu writers to such an extent that they also began to think and write on the same lines. As a result of that, the reputed organizations like Ramakrishna Mission and Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, and world known learned scholars like Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan etc., produced such books that were the replicas of the same trend that was promoted by Sir William Jones, the associates of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Max Mueller (who was a highly paid employee of the East India Company), and many more.

Thus, to establish the eternity and the Divineness of Sanskrit language, the scriptures (Vedas, Upanishads and the Puranas etc.), Bhartiya religion, and our Sages and Saints who produced all the scriptures, it was essential to give a comparative view of the western culture, literature, religion and civilization, so that the reader could right away understand about the origin and the development of the western writing systems, languages, civilizations, religions, religious practices, religious books and mythologies along with the history of the West from the 4th millennium BC and up to the 20th century AD.

The third chapter discloses the hidden documentary evidences and reveals the secrets of the diplomatic schemes of the British as to how they abused the Hindu religion and how they mutilated and destroyed the history books of India. It was important to disclose these facts so that a true lover of Hinduism should understand the evil aspects of all such publications, and, discarding them forever, he should resort to the authentic Divine teachings of Bhartiya religion.

With the development of the cosmic sciences and the evolution theories, the intellectuals have begun to think that the creation theory of the Upanishads and the Puranas may be just a casual write up. We should know that our scriptures are the manifestation of the same Divine power which has created this universe and so they bear the true principles of the creation and the evolution science. Thus, the descriptions of the fourth chapter delineate our scriptural sciences and specify the initial drawbacks of modern sciences. The fourth chapter also describes the history of Bhartvarsh since the creation of our brahmand 155.52 billion years ago, the unbroken continuity of Bhartiya civilization since 1,900 million years, and the details of authentic chronology with definite evidences from 3228 BC to 1947 AD.

Part Two of this book describes the creation of brahmand according to the Bhagavatam, the Divineness of the stories and the references of the Puranas, the theme of all of our main scriptures, philosophies of our jagadgurus, and acharyas and a brief account of the Divine personalities and the prime religions of India. In the end it gives a complete review of Sanatan Dharma and describes the simplest universal path of God realization which was revealed by supreme God Krishna Himself. In this way, in a concise encyclopedic style, this book gives complete information about Hindu (Bhartiya) religion, scriptures, history, and their Divinity.

Source: The True History and the Religion of India

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