Care for Cows Land Appeal

Dear Friends,

Jai Sri Gopal!

The Care for Cows facility at Raman Reti has welcomed many of you during the last few years. Those who have come to meet the residents to whom the facility is now home, know full well that a visit to CFC is an unforgettable experience. Often it is a long anticipated moment when Sponsors get to personally meet their chosen cow for the first time or a chance for long term Sponsors to reunite with their cows. CFC has offered new guests a glimpse of the plight and suffering of Vrindavan's abandoned cows and helped them face up to the harsh reality of life for those left on the streets to fend for themselves or left for dead at the roadside, after an accident, in the Holy Dham.

The CFC facility not only provides for the needs of the cows, it is a meeting place centred on go-seva, for all who find their way here. A place, where personal interaction connects people with sacred Vrindavan cows. It is a spiritually enlightening experience that draws on the realization of how Lord Krishna spends His days – blissfully, in the company of cows.

The Care for Cows Clinic is hosted on a friend's land in Raman Reti and we plan to purchase it to insure stability and make further improvements. The half-acre is valued at Rs. 2 crore or US $500,000.

The purchase of the land must be completed by Gaura Purnima, March 21, 2008, if we are to secure the future of CFC at this site. You will undoubtedly understand that the purchase of this land is absolutely crucial to ensure the continuity of the CFC project and the welfare of the cows who are cared for here.

Today the CFC herd numbers over 230 cows, bulls, oxen and calves. Many of whom have been treated through the CFC Clinic, made a full recovery, and will now remain under CFC's lifetime protection. The present site, from where we run the CFC Clinic, provides accommodation for around 40 orphaned calves and 60 injured, sick and disabled cows who require ongoing medical care or special assistance; many are elderly, infirm and weak.

Raman Reti is an easily accessible location in close proximity to the Doctors and Carers, who need to attend to patients in emergencies, or be on-call, around the clock, throughout the year. It is also a site close to town for immediate access to emergency cases, and for injured and sick street cows to be transported by local means.

With your help and support, CFC has been able to develop into a worldrenowned go-sadan, extending services to the local community by providing free medical care for Outpatient cows. It has also established the only Laboratory in Vrindavan offering veterinary screening to the public, free of charge. From its humble beginnings, eight years ago, with minimal funding, it now provides food, shelter, and medical care and lifetime accommodation for abandoned cows, bulls, retired oxen and orphaned calves arriving from Vrindavan, Govardhan, Varshana and Mathura.

A Team of Volunteers who offer their talents and resources to respectfully care for the neglected cows in the Vraja Vrindavan area, Uttar Pradesh, India, runs CFC. In this year alone, CFC has provided lifetime accommodation for over 100 abandoned, injured and needy cows. The present location affords easy, safe access for Sponsors and visitors alike. CFC is a short walk or rickshaw ride from the ISKCON Temple. It is conveniently located, offering itself as a 'showpiece' for the CFC project, which is readily accessible to prospective Donors. CFC funding relies heavily on donations in order to keep running and for this reason, its current location ensures that visitors to Vrindavan are afforded every opportunity of being aware of its existence, in that it is situated on a wellused path.

Earlier this year, as the ever-increasing herd outgrew the Raman Reti facility, a number of the healthy cows and oxen were transferred to a rented goshala at Belvan, across the Yamuna River. That facility is now full. As well as the anticipated purchase of the Raman Reti facility, CFC has also entered into negotiations for purchasing cheaper acreage plots across the Yamuna River. As these plots are in a more remote and less accessible location, they are unsuitable for use as the CFC Clinic or for regular visitors.

The goal of the purchase of this land is to secure the future for our growing number of healthy herd members. The CFC Clinic will continue to function and provide a home to the disabled and needy cows. For those of you who have been supporting CFC over the years, we wish to thank you, extend the blessing of the many cows you are helping in Vrindavan, and call upon your support once again. We are asking you to help us by giving a tax-deductible donation for the CFC Clinic Land Purchase. We work very hard to provide a much needed service for Vrindavan's abandoned, injured and sick cows each year. This work must continue to help Krsna's cows. We hope we can count on you all to make a generous donation of $100 or more.

If $100 is beyond your means, please do not hesitate to contribute whatever you are able, as it will be most gratefully received. If you require additional information about Care for Cows, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Visit online or contact us directly by phone 0983 7090 024.

Donate online via Pay Pal or credit card. If you are sending your donation in the form of a cheque, please make it payable to "Care for Cows". On behalf of Vrindavan's cows we thank you for your continued support and for your consideration.

In the service of Sri Krsna's cows,
Kurma Rupa Dasa
Care for Cows in Vrindavan

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