Guatemala and the Vaishnava Future

We are in Guatemala heading for a meeting with different secretaries of the WVA. There is Rupa Manohara prabhu who is a former congress member of Guatemala's government and the editor of a political journal. He came to start the Vrinda mission in Guatemala. There is also Aniruddha prabhu, senior member of the Vaishnava pioneer work here. Abhimanyu prabhu is another prominent member who is a doctor and candidate for the mayor office of Mixco. He has preached in many ways when other Vaishnava missions were virtually absent from this country. Also present is Bala Krishna prabhu, a sportsteacher and healer who has been with the mission since the beginning.

The subject of the meeting is unity in diversity for the benefit of Vaishnavism in Guatemala. The history we have to deal with is quite serious. Iskcon was officially banned by the government of Guatemala due to illegal activities by the GBC representatives, thus leading local devotees into much despair and being abandoned.

Other missions did not have much success either and todays meeting wants to increase unity. Strength will be required because no single mission seemed to be able to create a solid ground for a Vaishnava movement in Guatemala. I have been invited to help unify this effort and leading preacher Abhimanyu Prabhu has joined the responsibilities of leadership in the Vrinda mission.

It is noteworthy that senior Vaishnavas have been very successfull in their private services here. Naturopathy hospitals and other professional activities are well accomplished and we can confidently say that some of Guatemala's Intelligentsia has accepted the sacred teachings of Srila Prabhupada.

Still some messy situations and bad relationships coming from a sectarian past have to be ironed out to accomplish what the Vishva Vaishnava Raj Sabha-World Vaishnava Association wants to accomplish. It is necessary to rise above neophyte behavior and embrace Vaishnava generosity and universal love. The pluralistic manifestation of guru-tattva and the different branches of Vaishnavism can rise and stand together on the common grounds and interests for the welfare of the population in countries like Guatemala.

This is the work and responsibility of the secretaries of the WVA. The WVA meeting will be hosted by Aniruddha prabhu and attended by all those who are concerned about expanding Krishna consciousness in Guatemala.

Special features to resolve include:

  • Pains and uncertainty of devotees who's spiritual masters have either left or ignored their needs in poor countries such as in Central America.

  • The need of a vision for latin Vaishnava unity, since north american indifference and superiority complexes have discouraged Vaishnavism in latin america in many ways.

  • Joint work to favour the production and distribution of sacred texts of the Vaishnava acaryas.

  • New networking possibilities offererd to the Vaishnava world through online WVA isthagostis (Hotline chat).

  • Remnants of the sectarian lack of understanding each other.

  • Clearing the past to provide a dignified view of other Vaishnavas to our children.

  • How to get acceptance as a positive world religion which contributes to the wellfare of others in the eyes of local authorities.

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