Brajvasi, Brajhansi, Brajphansi or Brajnashi

Brajvasi (a resident of Braj):

  • Those who do not care for the status, origin or material background of a person.

  • Nobody will ever go away from a Brajvasi home without being properly fed.

  • Krishna is always in his heart.

Brajhansi (somebody ridiculing Braj):

  • Those who beg or demand money from devotees or pilgrims.

Brajphansi (the noose around the neck of Braj):

  • Those who harass devotees and drive away Sadhus from their Bhajankutirs.

  • Those who snatch away the properties of widows or poor people.

Brajnashi (the destroyer of Braj):

  • Those who cut the trees to make colonies or guesthouses, or even temples.

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