Great Souls Who Walked Amongst Us

Can you imagine a New York cabdriver becoming a Vaishnava? Uncle Puru was a lover of the Vaishnavas and their works. He collected items of his Gurudeva Srila Prabhupada and created the Bhaktivedanta Memorial. He spoke with the sound of a cabdriver but his heart was very sweet. He couldn't tolerate when any Vaishnava was abused. He loved his godbrothers but was upset what the leaders of Iskcon did with the movement. So he went on his own to save the dignity of Srila Prabhupada's mission in New York.

Dear Puru Prabhu, in the hands of Krishna you fare better than in the hands of conditioned souls. Unexpected you left this world like anyone of us could leave at any moment. I was amongst those to whom you gave your friendship. You even send a precious Srila Prabhupada chaddar to me when you realized that I had no item left by our Gurudeva. And now you are with that divine master you always wished to be with. Because you thought of him so much you cannot go anywhere else, you proved that sloka of the Gita to be true. You were thoughtful and concerned, not sectarian and indifferent. We will miss you. You are an icon of Srila Prabhupada's grace upon New York, his capacity to bring us to Krishna's lotus feet.

I am proud of you Puru Prabhu and pray for your family and friends. They will have to be quite Krishna conscious to fill the place where you are missing now.

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