First WVA Pada Yatra

This is VINA's first invitation to join the WVA Pada Yatra all around the world. Visas, Swimming suits, Sun glasses and impermeable japa bags will be supplied to all the participants. If you are interested to participate make sure you have a back-pack which can hold all the chappatis you may need on the journey. Those who can renounce the chappatis will be supplied with mountains of rice so that they can survive under all circumstances. Since it is a padayatra, Skaters are not allowed out of fairness to the other participants. For those who like to come along by horse or elephant a special fee will be charged. We hope you come along and bring all your musical instruments to make the journey unforgettable.

If you have more questions about this please dial 1-800-CHANT-AND-BE-HAPPY or for cell phone users dial 091livingisgiving.

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