Bhaktivedanta Charity Trust Meeting, Mayapur

The Bhaktivedanta Charity Trust has restored many holy sites in Bengal, for example, Nrsingha Pali and Hari Hara Ksetra. Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj has created a fund for such projects.

The last meeting in Mayapur lamented the lack of good relationships between the missions of the Gaudiya lineage.

Rasabihari Prabhu, general secretary of the Visva Vaisnava Raj Sabha – World Vaisnava Association pointed out that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada had already created a framework for all Vaisnavas to join together for their common causes. His vision included the four main Vaisnava sampradayas whose Acaryas he installed in his main temple in Mayapur. His wish was to join under the common vision of all sampradayas as the name of an individual spiritual master would bring the idea back into the "stoneage". Therefore he suggested to take up the matter in the forum of the WVA. Since Srila B.B. Tirtha Maharaj is president of the WVA and leader of the charity trust it would not be difficult to do so, if only ISKCON would be ready to participate in a forum where they would need to speak on an equal level with the other Gaudiya Math parties. That of course would require a real participation of ISKCON on an international level and not just a few representatives from their Mayapur committee. That would also be helpful to address common causes of the world wide Vaisnava community which have never been addressed at any forum, and not just mundane topics like the road to Mayapur. We will see if the future brings about some bright cases of real cooperation.

In the meeting no response was given to Rasabihari Prabhu's proposal. The request for additional funds for the charity trust by Srila B.B. Tirtha Maharaj was also not attended to with the reason given that no ISKCON sannyasi has any personal say what to do with the donations they receive.

An urgent need can be seen to create joint publications, all Gaudiya Dham master plans, and forums to discuss common goals on scientific levels.

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