Service Opportunities with Braj Foundation

Braj restoration project team in Vrindavan looking for experienced professionals.

The Braj Foundation is a recently formed NGO. Our remit is to restore Braj community, environment and heritage. (for further information please see our web site

We research, survey and prepare detailed plans and proposals (in English) for submission to government departments, international aid organizations, companies and individuals for support and funding.

This is an opportunity to work with a team to serve the Holy Dham of Braj.


About the Project:

Over the last two years we have researched and identified over 350 Sacred Kunds, and started restoration work on 28. We intend in the near future to begin work on the surveying and restoration of the 137 Forest in Braj and also the development of pastureland, organic farming, cow protection and spiritual tourism.

We have tried using highly qualified paid professionals in these posts. Our conclusion is that the devotional mood and understanding of the sensitive nature of Braj restoration is very difficult for them. They are also prone to move on as they progress up their career ladder.

Knowledge and skills desired:

We need qualified project planners, architects, surveyors, community workers, organic farmers and devotees with a civil engineering background to assist in developing project plans and implementing them in a professional environment.

You must be computer literate, working primarily with MS Office and Autocad.

You should be a co-operative team player, have steady sadhana, an attraction for serving in the spiritual atmosphere of Braj, and a flexible approach to problem solving. In some instances some of the work could be done over the internet if it is not possible or is impractical for you to relocate to Braj.

English and Hindi are the spoken languages. If training in either is required that is available.

We offer:

Our base of operations are located in Delhi, Vrindavan and Varshana. Some assistance can be offered for Prasadam, accommodations, and a needs-based monthly stipend.


Contracts are available from one year up to several lifetimes of service.

For additional information:

Please contact Ravi das,

To apply for this service:

To apply, please send the following information:

1) A brief explanation of your knowledge and experience, if any, in each of the above listed activities
2) References
3) Any other information that will help us make a decision

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