Yamuna International Arts Academy

This is an ambitious school project with the aim of providing a balanced modern and spiritual education. The school has been started by a gurukuli to fulfill the wish of our grandfather, Srila Prabhupada, who wanted to create modern saints.

Today our school is providing village children with free education. The children are being prepared with academic knowledge for the fast-paced, working world, yet, through the spiritual arts such as music, dance, yoga and world religion they are developing a grounded, universal understanding of spirituality. This is our focus. Our school is not just about education, it's about self empowerment.

Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Yamuna river, across from the holy town of Vrindavan, we have acquired twenty-two acres of beautiful agricultural land. Simply catch a boat, and walk 200 yards and you are at the Academy. Here, we are isolated from the hustle bustle of the bazaar, yet fully accessible, and merely five minutes from the centre of town.

Our goal is to gradually build up our school community. The next step is to start the construction of more classrooms, sports facilities and eventually an international residential school.

How you can help

You can contribute towards a child's life by giving a dollar a day for their education. Thirty-one dollars a month ensures a child's future. As a token of our appreciation we shall plant a tree, for free, in your name. How special to have a child and tree in Vrindavan.

Vrindavan means "Forest of Vrinda". Not too long ago Vrindavan used to be a forest full of amazing trees, flowers, birds and animals. We aspire to bring back some of Vrindavan's old glory, so we have planted 2,500 fruit and flower trees on our twenty-two acres. The plantation needs your help for setting an irrigation system, fencing the perimeter, and in creating a nursery. Help us make Vrindavan the forest she used to be.

Join us

We are cordially inviting those with interest in serving through education to come join us. We need qualified teachers, talented artists, generous donors and experienced organic farmers to come forth and help this dream come true.

Please visit: www.yamuna-arts.com

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