Do We Have to Wait to Be Attacked?

One person commented to me in Kartik 2006 that the value of WVA will only be realized where we have some common urgency to defend. If some of us are attacked by some external madness, our only strength will come about when we unite to defend ourselves.

I think we are already under full attack. Material illusion is advancing at a rapid pace. Even meat eating is increasing in India, and the so-called politicians of some countries kill anybody who gets in the way of their materialistic power gains. Therefore we keep inviting you to become secretaries of the WVA in your city or in your country for your mission. Be a reporter for Vina and glorify what wonderful things Vaishnavas are doing in any of the areas where WVA committees are found. If we promote the wonderful deeds of other Vaishnavas, all devotees will be happier, and whatever efforts have been done to bring the message of Lord Chaitanya to others will get more support. This will counteract the effects of the age of Kali.

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