Spiritus Patrick Bernard’s Christmas Album

Spiritus is composed and recorded specifically with the intention of clearing past disharmony, opening new channels to the inflow of grace, restoring balance, and facilitating deep communion between all species. This special music is encoded with sacred sounds and mantra from all the spiritual traditions for the specific purpose or re-sanctifying the animal/human bond.

A Musical Sanctuary

The sacred sounds and mantras recorded on Spiritus are an instrument to facilitate the re-sanctification of the bond between human beings and other animals, bringing animals and all of nature once again into the fold of Sacred Tradition. As we participate together in this offering we clear past disharmony, enhance the reception of grace, restore balance and render profound interspecies communion. This prayerful communion has the potential of catalyzing the restoration of the divine Plan on Earth, a plan of peace and harmony for all being and things.

All healing is available in the sacred moment of now. Sacred music offers the perfect, prayerful healing vehicle bringing us into present time, liberating us from the bound of our ego selves, bypassing emotions or remorse, blame and unworthiness, and delivering us to that place of silence where animals naturally abide. Enter this heart-space with us, where deeper states of resonance with your beloved non-human friends and all animals await.

– Sharon Callahan, Mount Shasta, CA

Composed & recorded in Mount Shasta, California

"May this offering of Spiritus be a musical sanctuary for all who believe that God’s (Mother & Father) unlimited love and compassion extends to non-humans and through them to all of nature and Earth itself. "

– Sharon Callahan, animal communication specialist (Mt. Shasta, CA)

Internationally acclaimed musician Patrick Bernard, meditation teacher and musician Purusha Ananda, animal communication specialist Sharon Callahan and awards winning producer/composer Robert Lafond have come together as the vehicle for this offering of healing between species.

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