Madhusudana Das Babaji Maharaja Festival

With November well underway and the blessed month of Kartika behind us, the annual festival of Siddha Madhusudana Das Babaji Maharaja of Surya-kunda is approaching. The event is one of the largest happenings at Vraja, drawing audience from all across the 84-krosh Vraja-mandala from all movements and parivaras alike.

The ten-day festival begins on November 18th with the establishment of the festival altar, followed by seven days of Bhagavata-discourses from 2-7 PM. The auspicious Adhivasa-kirtana takes place on November 26th, followed by continuous harinama-kirtana until the morning of the 28th, which is Siddha Baba's disappearance day, the day when the main observance takes place. The disappearance festival starts around 10 AM in the morning, featuring padavali-kirtana and the singing of the saint's life-story, followed by parikrama around the village and the serving of festival prasada.

With this message, we would like to cordially invite everyone to attend the event! The full festival program is available at:

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