Grand Opening of Sandipani Muni School

Sandipani Muni School Kartik festival will start on the 4th of October and will end on 10th. Seven days of transcendental celebrations. 

Daily there will be Sandipani Muni School performances followed by rasalila and prasadam. The program will run from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

On the 7th, which is the actual official day of the grand opening, we have the following programs:
• 8:00 am Bhumi Puja at Kiki Nangla Land for the new Medical Center
• 11:00 am Bhumi Puja at Nandagaon FFLV land (near Vrinda Kunda) for the new
   SMS school for girls, followed by prasadam
• 4:00 pm auspicious yagna at Sandipani Muni Secondary School
• 5:00 pm welcome address
• 5:30 pm address by guests
• 6:30 pm performances by SMS children
• 7:00 pm rasa lila by Fateh Krishna Swami followed by prasadam.

For more details please contact Rupa Raghunath das:  
or mobile #: +91 98373 02171

If you are planning on coming please confirm with us so we can be of help regarding pickup and accommodations.

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