The Sacred History of the Surfboard

Recently, the great similarity of the surfboard and the sacred tilak symbol was brought to the attention of the orthodox community. Originally it was...

Ganga Devi Appears In Person in Devprayag

The Divine Personality manifested from the river and complained to all the local sadhus about the lack of protection given to her by all those living on her banks.

Saraswat Gaudiya Vaishnava Association joins WVA

We are pleased to report, that the other "Vaishnava-umbrella" Association, the Saraswat Gaudiya Vaishnava Association on Hold (SGVAoH), is now an official member of the World Vaishnava Association.

A surfing Swami finds Spanish Gold treasure on a beach in...

The estimated values of the treasure which is mainly gold coins is of 35 Million dollars worth at the current Gold Value.