Great Souls Try to Serve Braj

Many visitors to Braj Mandal have seen the great need for civic devotional participation. There is the Yamuna Action Plan, Braj Raksak Dal's work on kundas and forests and Ramesh Baba's efforts to raise public devotional support. Even such names as Times of India, Mafatlal and the Ford Foundation are getting involved.

So many others have or are making efforts to serve the Dham. Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti International has also put several projects into action. Together with the local municipalities, the idea is taking shape more and more.

It is wonderful to see this. The most amazing stone and marble carved temples appear everywhere in Braj Mandal and more and more people long to visit or retire in Braj. However, the overburdened infrastructure needs urgent attention, especially if Vrindavan is one day to become an eco-village.

To get involved you may contact:

Vineet Narayan and Ravi das for Braj Foundation, or contact the municipality to find out what your mission can do to serve here.

If any important servant of Vrindavan has been left out, it is just because there are too many to our joy.

Just look at the beautiful Sandipani Muni Secondary School opened by Food for Life under Rupa Raghunatha's organization.

Also the repair of Brahma Kunda has finally begun.

There is the amazing prasad distribution organized by the devotees from Bangalore.

I am sure we will see many more beantiful surprises in the near future and we hope for a very loving cooperation between the diffferent Braj seva groups and individuals.

The WVA Vrindavan Preservation Committee has been propagating this cooperation for many years.

As visitors or residents of the holy dham, we should all feel committed to make Vrindavan the most well attended place of pilgrimage in the world.

This is one of our common causes.

It will be in the honour of your respected guru vargas if your mission takes active part in the service to clean up Vrindavan, repair the ruined temples and establish the glorious deity worship.These were the words A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami spoke to his disciples.

Even if there is some competition in this regard, let it be Vrindavan competition where all are happy. If others do more than you, feel inspiration to try to increase your contribution to the service of Srimati Radharani.

If you do more wonderful service for Braj Dham than others, please do not forget Hanuman and the little spider.

For the Lord loves all of them equally.

Vrindavan Dham ki jay!


Braj Foundation

Braj Rakshak Dal  

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